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Welcome to Music Lovers web site!

This is your website, as you are a music lover. I compose music in most of the music genres of the world + few genres invented by me.
Please feel to email me at DrKRSMurthy@Gmail.Com  if you have a favorite raaga, musical style or genre, so that I can do a custom composition for you or your loved ones. It is ALL FREE.
Click on the following selections to listen to my music compositions FREE:

Sindoori 2008


Hindola Poorna Orchestra

Mangala Audava Poornima Melody

Murali Kalyaani Sweet


SarasPoorna Orchestra


Kharahara Priya 22

Audava Maala Jazz

NaagaabharaNa Orchestra


Chinese Dance Jazz

Neelimaa Namana Ensemble


Emotion Queen Orchestra

Theevra Kauns Strings




AhirBhairava Orchestra

Komala Panchami Jazz


Navya Orchestra

Saras Maadhuri Paced

Yahoodi Western Beauty

Sarasvati (Composition Number 1)

Sarasvati  (Composition Number 2)


International King

Swinging Nava Kauns Fantasy


Amrita Bhairava Melody


Sindhoori Bhairavi Fantasy

Seperation Meloncholy

Yahoodya Sundari Orchestra

Swan Duo Dance Esctasy

Sindhu Western

Elegant Beauty

Deer Dance Esctasy

Maala Hamsa

Eagle Dance Esctasy

Queen of the World

Peacock Dance Esctasy

Short Western Classical Esctasy


Beauty Western

Joyous Swinger Fantasy

Bethoven Bilaaval

Varuna Bhairavi Fantasy

Varuna Dhvani Fantasy


Bethoven KeeravaaNi

Theevra Audavi Melody

Poorna Amrita Melody

Swinging Nava Kauns Fantasy

Shubha Mangala Fantasy

Audava Amrita Melody

Santasaangi Orchestra

Japanese Gowla Fantasy

Bhoopa Ranjani Duet

Garland Western XMas

Persian Beauty Orchestra

Bhaarati Gowla Esctasy

Kaavya Roopini Orchestra

Desert Song Fantasy

Sindhu River Song

Gowra Shankari Ecstasy

KeeraVaaNi Orchestra

Gowra Sarasvati

Bhoopa Kalyaani Ecstasy

Krishna Ranjini

Shubha Kalyaani Ecstasy

Yahoodi Keeravaani Ecstasy

Mela Karta 21

Bhaarati Bhairavi Ecstasy


Musicology Notes and Lessons
I will add musicology related notes and lessons. If you are a musicologist, you may send me your article, so that I could post it with due credits to you. I will also be glad to add your name, contact details and photo as appropriate.
You are also welcome to ask questions or suggest discussion topics in musicology related to any music genre of the world.
You may email me at:

We love music from all corners of the world including
traditional, classical, contemporary, revolutionary and experimental styles. I compose in many of the world genres.
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